Make Your Vehicle Purchase Last with These Maintenance Reminders

When we watch you drive away from us at Glendale Dodge Chrysler Jeep, there are many things that we want for you: a sense of pride in your new vehicle, feelings of extreme satisfaction, and miles and miles of safe, exciting travel. Simply put, we hope to see you get the most out of your ownership experience. To make sure you are able to do that, we’re sharing four tips that will ensure a long life for your new Chrysler car by helping you avoid mechanical problems that could cut your vehicle’s life short.

  1. Stick to your vehicle’s recommended service schedule. You’ve made a quality purchase, but nothing can run like-new without a little assistance here and there. Humans need doctors, dogs and cats need the vet, and vehicles need service technicians. Consult the owner’s manual for your vehicle and contact a Chrysler dealer to schedule your service appointment before you fall behind schedule and put your passengers in harm’s way.
  2. Keep an eye on fluids and tire pressure. Every week or so, drivers should take a moment to check their oil, radiator overflow reservoir level, and brake cylinder reservoir as well as the power steering fluid level. After starting the car and allowing it to warm up, check out the transmission fluid, and once the tires have cooled, use a pressure gauge to determine whether your wheels are up to snuff.
  3. Keep your eyes and ears open. The best way to correct a problem is to catch it early. Take a moment to turn down the radio and listen for potential signs of danger such as squealing or grinding noises that may indicate a problem with your brakes. When you’ve arrived at your destination or as you prepare to head home, take a moment to step around the vehicle and search for any signs of trouble such as dripping substances that are collecting in a puddle or loose components such as a tailpipe that is close to dragging along the ground.
  4. Go easy on your vehicle. The best way to ensure that your driving style is not putting too much strain on your new vehicle is to proceed cautiously. If showing up a couple minutes late to your lunch date in Alhambra means that you don’t have to jump on the gas and slam on the brakes between lights, it’s better for the long-term health of your car and your own personal safety.        

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