Follow These Five Tips to Keep Cyclists Safe on the Road

If you’ve lived in Los Angeles for some time, then you’ve probably realized that it’s a very active city. Whether you’re at the beach or on the road, you are most likely surrounded by joggers, rollerbladers, or skateboarders. Today, our staff at Glendale Dodge Chrysler Jeep would like to take a moment to remind drivers of five key tips that will help to keep cyclists safe as we all share the road.

  1. Harness the power of perspective. Just think – RAM Trucks provide you with the protection of a durable frame, air bags, and a range of standard and available safety features. Cyclists, on the other hand, have little more than a helmet and maybe some knee pads. Try to keep this difference in mind as you share lanes with cyclists.
  2. Stay off your phone. It’s never wise to play on your phone behind the wheel, but the danger is amplified when a glance at that bright screen may put the lives of cyclists in danger.
  3. Stay three feet away from cyclists at all times. This distance is now required by law in many states, which means it’s a good number for drivers everywhere to bear in mind. Plus, consistently providing this amount of space to cyclists will give them a reliable frame of reference while maneuvering around and between vehicles.
  4. Be careful when you turn right. If you don’t signal before a right turn, a cyclist who is traveling behind you may not be aware of your upcoming turn, and you could end up colliding.
  5. And…be careful when you turn left. Some drivers find it difficult to judge accurately how much space stands between themselves and an approaching cyclist, especially when you consider that cyclists can travel up to 15 or 20 miles per hour. If you’re trying to make a left turn but you see a cyclist approaching, it’s best to wait for he or she to pass you before beginning the turn, just to play it safe.

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