Do You Know The Importance Of Your Car Battery?

Whether you have a Chrysler 300 or a Chrysler Pacifica, there are many things that you can do to ensure performance all year long. When it comes to your regular maintenance needs, something you should always do is schedule car service to have your battery checked along with other important components. Our staff at Glendale Dodge Chrysler Jeep® will be happy to set you up for a convenient appointment in our state of the art service center to help you achieve the following from your car battery:

Improved Vehicle Security

If you happen to have an anti-theft system in your Chrysler car, you need to have a battery with good connection and a proper charge so that everything works just as it should. Such an anti-theft system relies on your vehicle battery and with changing seasons, the winter months are just the right time to have everything checked to make sure your battery is in great condition.

Incredible Vehicle Performance

The car battery in your Chrysler model works to give power to all of the electrical components, including your electronic fuel injection. While the car engine can work off of the power of the alternator, the battery is the place to store the power that may not be in use by the engine. When you schedule car repair near me at our full-service Chrysler dealership, we can make sure that you always have the peace of mind that you need to know your battery will be working when you need it.

We invite you to give us a call in our Chrysler service center at (818) 945-0659 so that we can set you up with a convenient time for a battery check and vehicle maintenance. You will find our dealership located at 900 S Brand Boulevard in Glendale, CA. Should you want to learn more about our current inventory of Chrysler cars or to take a new vehicle for a test drive, please call our sales team at (888) 319-5635 and we will be happy to help you have an incredible automotive experience.

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