Do You Have Good Driving Etiquette?

Even if you have been driving for quite some time, there could be a few common driving mistakes that your local Glendale Dodge dealership would like to help you avoid. You already know all of the regulations and laws that you need to follow to avoid a ticket, but what about appropriate driving etiquette? These are some unwritten rules of the road that you can follow to make sure that you are courteous to other drivers, and even pedestrians, that you will encounter.


Never Tailgate


You know those times when you want to drive faster than the vehicle in front of you, yet they never want to budge? It can be tempting to get too close to their back bumper trying to make them move, but this is also dangerous. Do not give into this temptation, as it could lead to a rear end collisions should the car in front of you quickly hit their brakes.


Use Your Turn Signals


The use of a turn signal is something required by law, and for good reason. Think of how many times that you have you been caught off guard by a driver who fails to use their turn signal. By the same token, forgetting to shut off your turn signal can be another annoyance for other drivers on the roads.


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