Beating The Summer Heat In Your Jeep®

As the summertime temperature starts to heat up, it is important to make sure your Jeep® is able to handle it. Here at Glendale Dodge, we have some great tips to make sure your vehicle is ready for the challenge. We want you and your passengers cool and comfortable through the hot seasons.


You always need to be sure that your Jeep is moving around with tires that are properly inflated. That way you can cut down the risk of blowouts while also working to lengthen their overall life. Underinflated tires can produce more heat, which will then add to temperatures that are already hot during the summer. Of course, any of this excess heat and wear can lead to damage.

Keep Your Interior Cool

It goes without saying the vinyl and leather seats can get scorching hot in the summer, even in a shaded area. A good idea is to keep towels handy that you can drape over your seats and your steering wheel. That way you can keep your skin from burning when you have to get in your vehicle.


You always have to make sure that your Jeep is up on all of the regular maintenance that is necessary to keep your vehicle running nice and smooth. Have the professionals top off all of your fluids, look at your belts and see what your battery power is to get started.

You can always count on our team at Glendale Dodge to give you all of the help you need when you are buying a new vehicle, or if you would like to bring your Jeep in for service. Call the service department today at (800) 741-3116 or stop by 900 S Brand Boulevard to set up an appointment.

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